Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Dirty Swan Announces

An art object (perhaps artifact) constructed from rescued materials, Joe Robitaille’s Gin Blue Pet is a visual and poetic quest for the spirit animal prowling the unconscious. What piles up is the work of a sensitive scavenger arranging discarded treasures (and creating his own) into collages and poems that restore one’s faith in the elementary essentials of living.

Homemade, typewritten, letter pressed, and collaged pages affirm a gentleness of spirit with the clear eyes of a caveman observing everyday phenomena: the elements to shore up against and the girl to love, the creatures to praise and the Buffalo wings to bite. Robitaille is undoubtedly an image rehabilitator in both the pictorial and lyric realms. The beasts, fierce and gentle, will stick around.

Dirty Swan Projects is proud to put forth Gin Blue Pet. Edition of 35, 63 pages, Brooklyn, 2009, $22.


Gin Blue Pet Class Picture

Entire set of photos here. Courtesy of Kate Jaeger.